Welcome to Theme Park by GPD!

Theme Park by GPD was originally born in 2021 as an idea to recognize authors who submitted publication material for the GPD Finland 2021 proceedings book.

Today, Theme Park continues to connect the GPD audience together to discuss and network around current topics in the glass industry.

Starting in March 2022, Theme Park by GPD was held once a month throughout spring 2022. Each month focuses on one specific area or a combination of similar subjects and lasts for one week.

Each Monday – GPD shares downloadable material with the participants for the Theme Park week.

  • Opinions and thoughts from speakers or other interested experts on the subject. This will be in written or short video format
  • Technical papers submitted by speakers for the GPD 2021 proceedings book

Each Thursday – GPD hosts an informal after-work huddle with the speakers at 17:00 CET. This online meeting allows you to discuss a subject even further over a drink of your choice. The number of huddle participants may be limited to encourage more active contribution from each participant. Participation in the approximately 1-hour-long huddle is free of charge.

We look forward to your participation!

If you’ve missed a particular month, all materials from GPD Theme Park are available to download at your convenience.

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