GPD workshops are 4–8-hour intensive courses that focus on techniques and skills in specific fields. The main emphasis is on interaction and exchange of information among small groups. For practical workshops number of participants will be limited to 5–15 persons and 20–50 persons for theoretical workshops.

Please note that workshop organizers have a right to accept or reject participants.

Workshops June 13

9:00-17:00 Float Glass processing storage, transport, washing, corrosion protection

Michael Emonds, Chemetall/BASF & Reinhold Senft, Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH


9:00-17:00 Optimizing productivity, energy consumption & quality in the glass tempering process

Taneli Ylinen, Pekka Lyytikäinen, Glaston Finland Oy

Workshops June 14

9:00-13:00 Water-filled glass (WFG) façades Construction aspects, structural and energy performance

Matyas Gutai, Water-filled Glass Ltd


9:00-15:00 Glass surface temperature vs. interlayer temperatures in glass lamination process

Kalle Kaijanen, Timo Alho, Mikko Rantala, Glaston Finland Oy & Alejandro de la Muela Chasco, Kuraray


9:00-13:00 All-glass structure – cantilevered viewing platform

Christoph Bauchinger, se-austria GmbH, Peter Eckardt, seele GmbH


9:00-17:00 Sustainable Float Glass processing BASF chemicals in glass cutting, grinding and grinding water treatment

Michael Emonds, Chemetall & Josep Sais, VITROSEP

9:00-17:00 Opportunities in a circular economy approach to the glazing industry

Graeme Debrincat, ARUP & Lisa Rammig, EO’C

9:00-13:00 Thermal stress analysis of IGU windows and façade glazing

Gregor Schwind, Technical University of Darmstadt, Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design, Glass Competence Center

9:00-13:00 Sending glazing to North America A standards overview

Urmilla Jokhu-Sowell, National Glass Association,  Julia Schimmelpenningh, Eastman Chemical Company, William Lingnell, Lingnell Consulting Services, LLC., Dr. Stephen Morse, Texas Tech University

9:00-13:00 Reduction of grinding process cost under consideration of perfect edge quality and highest process stability

Robert Kraus, Glaston Corporation


9:00-17:00 An introduction to and advanced instruction to the vacuum insulated glazing.

Cenk Kocer, University of Sydney

13:00-17:00 Industrial Glass Cutting – Choosing the right cutting wheels and cutting parameters for perfect cutting results

Dennis Kampmann, Bohle AG