About GPD

Glass Performance Days (GPD) is a forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through an exchange of ideas, concepts and innovations. In addition to Finland, conferences are arranged in China and Brazil to facilitate international networking, sharing and learning. GPD also organizes workshops and a glass exhibition in Finland biannually.

GPD brings together the entire glass industry value chain, from researchers to architects, designers, glass producers, processors, equipment providers and end users. With a history of over 30 years, GPD has laid a solid foundation on which we stand proud today.

Building on success

GPD has been an overwhelming success. Over three decades, experts have challenged each other and discussed new ways to grow the industry. These thought leaders have been eager to share their knowledge, practical experience and visionary dreams, with far-reaching benefits for the entire glass industry value chain.

In this way, ideas have become reality – much quicker than they would otherwise. And with today’s speed of change, those attending GPD get a head start, armed with new thinking that gives them a competitive advantage in their professional lives.


Grow your network and meet industry leaders

GPD is not only about exchanging information on what is known today. It sows seeds for the future of the glass industry and new ways to develop.

One of the main advantages of the conference is the networking opportunities built throughout the program. Conferences follow a tight schedule to make sure your time is well spent. But there’s plenty of room for informal discussions to make new contacts and expand your business connections.

Networking dinners and other social events with a twist of Finnish fun add more ways to meet others and exchange ideas.

GPD targets are:

  • Collect and distribute information for developing and exchanging knowledge about the glass industry
  • Find new uses for glass as a versatile, safe and competitive material
  • Promote energy-efficient glass technology
  • Provide a starting point for future innovations and their commercialization
  • Collaboration with industry startups via the Step Change program
  • Create cooperation networks between architects, designers, research institutes, universities and the glass, façade, window, solar and electronic industries
  • Provide a platform for face-to-face interaction
  • Be the leading source of technical glass information

Transparency is our guiding value

GPD is founded on the principles of transparency, trust and objectivity. The conference has been built over the years to create true competitive advantage for those who participate and, in turn, sustainable business for future success.

We believe that the true value of information becomes apparent when it is shared. In this way, the entire glass industry value chain is served equally with an open exchange of ideas, concepts and innovations. In fact, many game-changing ideas have been tested first in front of the knowledgeable GPD audience before they were put into practice.


Why attend GPD?

GPD has been highly regarded as a must-attend event to learn through sharing and networking. This forum offers participants the opportunity to learn more, enrich themselves and take their businesses to new levels.

Other benefits include:

  • Share ideas, technologies and visions with industry experts across the entire industry value chain to improve mutual understanding
  • Hear the latest findings and opportunities in the glass industry first-hand
  • Join in a wide range of discussions and networking possibilities, cost and time effectively
  • Gain insformation on innovative fine-tuning processes through case presentations, workshops and factory visits
  • Expand you own field of expertise at an event that focuses on multifaceted topics, like experiences from and trends in solar and energy management


How to be part of GPD?

If you’re interested in becoming more involved with GPD, we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to reach your audience.