About GPD

OP4_5723The Glass Performance Days (GPD) is a forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through education. This is done by organizing conferences in different countries. Currently the conferences are organized in Finland, China and Brazil every two years. In Finland, GPD also organizes Workshops and a glass exhibition.

Distinct success factors

The success factors of the Glass Performance Days are obvious. When experts get together to talk business in a condensed event, ideas are born, shared and debated. They are also discussed among very knowledgeable people with practical experience and advanced visions. Thus, they become real applications of the industry much quicker than would otherwise happen. With today’s clock-speed of change this has created distinct competitive advantages for those attending

The informal dimension

The Glass Performance Days conferences have a tightly controlled schedule over the conference days to ensure that time is well spent. But the program also leaves room for informal contact activities, and, in GPD Finland, workshop offerings and an exhibition. These functions are very important in promoting the small talk that so often leads to both continued contacts and creative innovations.

OP4_5845GPD is not only about exchanging information on what is known today. It is also about sowing the seeds for tomorrow. With the time span of more than two decades the conference series can make claims for having laid parts of the foundation on which we stand in the industry today.

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