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Theme Park by GPD was originally born in 2021 as an idea to recognize authors who submitted publication material for the GPD Finland 2021 proceedings book.


Emerging Challenges in Market Trends

The world, as it is today, has presented multi-faced challenges for companies. The challenges, among others, can be in planning, inventory, purchasing, office space use, marketing, and promotional activities.

This means that the way we have been looking at trends in the market may not be sufficient. Market trends are perceived as tendencies that move in a particular direction over a period. They are classified as short-term, mid-term or long-term trends. Planning and other activities of companies are guided by the perceived trends. With the new normal, this seems to have been affected due to the uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

How are we coping in the glass industry? Your opinion counts!

Speakers and topics this week:

The future of glass in sustainable and zero emission buildings, Bertrand Cazes, Glass for Europe.
North American Market Trends, Urmilla Sowell, National Glass Association.
iWin – Glass as Data Carrier, Andreas Bittis, Saint Gobain.
Structure-property correlations in borosilicate in comparison to soda lime glass, Juliane Brandt-Slowik, Schott AG.


Speakers of the week