Flat glass recycling in Europe and the US: state of play and challenges for enhanced circularity


Both the European and American societies are moving in the direction of increased circularity and the reduction of waste. In the flat glass industry, increased recycling has long been perceived as a challenge due to poor cullet quality and the high cost of recycled glass. Yet, recycling is increasingly viewed as a source of opportunities to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, raw materials’ input and to improve the sustainability credentials of glass products. In some industry forums, it is seen as a source of a competitive advantage and a way to grow.

In this paper, the authors from both the European and North American flat glass and glazing associations, will present the current state of play on flat glass recycling in their respective regions and share their thoughts on opportunities as well as difficulties to overcome on the way to greater circularity. Based on existing pilot projects in Europe as well as likely evolutions in the legislative environment, the authors will try to reflect on the very concrete transformations needed across the value-chain to enable increased recycling.



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