You can‘t even see the innovation of the insulating glass: it is and remains transparent. With iWin, Saint-Gobain is about to launch a new digital service that enables its customers to track their glazing units before delivery, on the construction site and after installation. Each insulating glass unit is equipped with a unique RFID transponder, which is written with an identification number (ID) and can be read with commercial RFID readers. This ID is stored in the iWin database where customers can retrieve information about the product; e.g. processed data, DoP, etc. but also order and shipping details. iWin thus becomes the link between the digital design (the data) and its analog counterpart (the product) – a product-integrated, digital delivery bill – a true digital twin! The presentation will cover the full scope: from how glass processors will have to integrate the transponder in the insulation glass to the database and how the data will be transferred… besides that we will show in different business cases how ALL stakeholders – from glass processors to facade makers to general contractors to clients to facility managers and eventually architects and facade consultants – will benefit through the “as built” data in any BIM project documentation.