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Theme Park by GPD was originally born in 2021 as an idea to recognize authors who submitted publication material for the GPD Finland 2021 proceedings book.


Glass and Sustainability

This week, we look at glass and sustainability. The concept of sustainability generally refers to the ability to maintain an activity continuously over time. Studies approach the concept via three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

The economic pillar looks at preserving natural resources that would provide physical inputs (renewable & exhaustible) for economic production.

The environmental pillar looks at resources that must be maintained for economic production to happen e.g.the atmosphere.

The social pillar looks at how human activities or behavior affect the economic system e.g., goals set to eradicate hunger.

Renewable and reusable materials are classified as sustainable. Glass is recyclable and reusable.

Speakers and topics this week:

  • Carbon Neutral Silicones in Façades – a window of opportunity, Valérie  Hayez, DOW
  • Reversing the Supply Chain: Recovery of IGU components, Graham Dodd & Eva Babic, Arup
  • Bird-Friendly Science and Research: Myths and Realities, James Gulnick, McGrory Glass, Inc.


Speakers of the week