Guidelines for workshops

You are responsible for organizing a 4- to 8-hour program. GPD will offer you special meeting facilities at the venue. Outdoor or onsite activities can also be planned, if desired.

Workshops can take on various formats:

  • Practical – with videos, cases or applications
  • Theoretical – focusing on the in-depth knowledge behind
  • Hands-on demonstration – giving participants a true touch and feel

Content can be:

  • Technical and/or a design focus
  • Creative, following current trends in the glass industry
  • Technical research, testing, hypothetical or final results

Please send us a workshop proposal. Our Organizing Committee will evaluate it and select those workshops most suitable for the GPD audience. Your workshop proposal should be a content summary consisting of 150–200 words.

For marketing purposes, we would need a short biography or personal introduction of the workshop facilitator. This introduction should be 100 words.

You will also need to send an agenda for your workshop, including breaks and other important details for participants to know in advance.

Please note that GPD is a non-commercial conference. We will NOT allow:

  • Workshop presentations to be commercial
  • Titles, abstracts and presentations with trademarks or brand names

Workshops should have a technical or design focus, presenting a product and its use in a technical manner that is intriguing to industry experts.

To read more about how to present your abstract, paper or presentation, download GPD guidelines.