Today, we are very happy to launch the first edition of our theme park series. This episode week runs from Monday – Friday (March 21-25, 2022) at the GPD website. The topic on focus is Market trends.

At the website, you will find the following material.

  • Teaser videos from our speakers.
  • Technical papers submitted by the speakers for GPD 2021 proceedings book.
  • Registration form for the March ‘After work huddle’ with the speakers – This is an after work informal online meeting with the speakers to discuss further the topic on focus. It will be held on March 24 starting 17:00 CET. To allow each huddle participant the opportunity to contribute actively, the number of huddle participants may be limited. Participation in the huddle is via registration and is free of charge.

Click the link below to join us
‘Theme Park by GPD’ March Edition

We look forward to your participation.

Best wishes,
GPD Team