Existing commercial buildings in modern metros are deemed to change faces with increased transparency, if they want to welcome public well-being and turn into quality enhanced environments. The CME Center in Chicago was one of those places built in the 1980s with dark lobbies and maze-like retail spaces lacking access to daylight while creating uninspiring experiences to tenants and visitors. The new glassy podium enclosure opens the space with super transparent 24 foot tall and curvy façade lines, moving outward to flow around the building, providing serpentine circulation between lobby and adjacent streets. The all-glass enclosure floods the lobby with natural light, minimizing materials, engineered with a sophisticated modular geometry. Oversized temper-bent, laminated glass was used to overcome the challenge of dematerializing the podium wall. Minimizing optical distortions such as roller waves and local bows on temper-bent glass surfaces was managed by implementing a unique custom quality control process executed during glass fabrication by measuring surface flatness towards tolerance-based benchmark programs setting new standards for practical quality control of temper-bent glass. Shipping and installation of jumbo glass panels followed a sophisticated procedure of efficiently re-using elements and installation equipment contributing to reduce the carbon footprint of the renovation process. A guideline for successfully retrofitting existing buildings with engineered glass has been developed for future use.