A+W SmartFactory controls just-in-time even highly complex flat glass manufacturing and processing environments. For the first time, multi-stage productions can be continuously controlled by intelligent software using backward planning – without papers, lists and long walking distances. Work in process is significantly minimized.
A+W SmartFactory coordinates the process sequences as a higher-level production system for a maximally optimized glass flow. The system is able to responsively control all coupled machines and software modules with the provided production data – thanks to an A+W patent, several automatic sorting systems can be integrated without any problems. Machines communicate continuously with the system via so-called A+W SmartFactory Clients, which ensures 100% control of machine status and machine capacity.
According to the pull concept, the requirements of the shipping department and thus ultimately of the customer determine the production sequence. Planning takes place in real time and can be adjusted at any time if necessary due to rush orders, capacity bottlenecks, machine breakdowns, etc. Software services independently negotiate the production flow between the fabrication cells. As a rule, the shipping department does not even notice any changes in production sequence, and on-time delivery is almost always possible.