High level circular use of post-consumer insulation glazing will contribute to lower the environmental and social impact of insulation glass industry. The application of various circular strategies for insulation glazing units (IGU’s) is rising. The product age will give an indication of the remaining life-time of an IGU, but a method which includes screening a technical quality is needed to check if an IGU is indeed suitable for re-use on a high level of circularity. In this study the argon concentration is suggested as discriminative quality. Energy efficient double glazing applied in windows of buildings situated in The Netherlands were studied. Product codes were noted and unravelled. Measurements were performed using the Sparklike Portable, a non-invasive argon measuring device, which generates argon concentrations and thickness values of glass and spacer. In addition, measurements were performed with a Glass Check thickness meter. The resulting data was analysed. Measuring errors were explored and used to setup a testing procedure. Threshold values of the product age and argon concentration were selected for different circular strategies. In conclusion, a screening method using the product age and argon concentration to determine the circular use potential of insulation glazing is proposed.