Serruys Francis


Although anisotropy is inevitable when heat treating glass a major breakthrough took place in the industry in 2016 by developing an in-line anisotropy visualisation equipment. The result is an in-line equipment capable of visualizing and quantifying the level of anisotropy of each single heat treated glass based on the photo-elastic theory. This allows a scientific way of quantifying the level of anisotropy. The methodology and theory is explained allowing to use the photo-elastic theory to evaluate the level of anisotropy of each single heat treated glass and how this allows to guarantee the consistency of the produced glass with an approved mock-up glass in case of a project. An outlook for further development and improvement will be discussed.

  • Company:Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe
  • Short Bio:Working for 28 years in the glass industry, Francis has occupied a diversity of functions i.e. from sales over standardisation and R&D to technical support as well for processing as for the application of glass products in architectural glass façades. Today he is the director of technical sales support and business development for the business unit façades.
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