From WASTE via RECYCLE to REUSE: First valid steps on the pathway to better re-utilization of glass elements


Looking at recent figures, dismantled glass from buildings still hardly finds its way back as high quality cullets into float tanks or into a second life. As glass includes its CO2 burden, which is even enriched by establishing quality window or façade elements, we present how to better take advantage of defect and “end of life” glass elements. Concepts for transforming waste into valuable raw materials, first industrial trails for separation of IG elements and respective quality assessment are presented.



OPC 40301: Standardization of machine interfaces for flat glass processing


At GPD2019, we announced the constitution of our OPCF – VDMA – joint working-group for defining an OPC/UA Companion Specification (CS) for flat glass processing machinery. Now, four years later, we can look proud on established standard communication for flat glass. Ambitioned, we continued to further develop the standard focused on harmonization of recipe structures for different types of glass processing machines as well as machine feedback, allowing compliance with KPI Standard such as ISO22400.