The production of insulating glass (IG) is undergoing a transformation. The desire for automatic spacer application is very high, especially as panes get larger and the proportion of triple ISO continues to increase. Thermoplastic spacer technology (TPS®) instead of rigid spacers provides a remedy: over-achieving specifications, precise thickness of the IG unit, full CNC flexibility in shape and thickness. At the same time, costs and cash requirements are drastically reduced as less manpower is needed, complexity of processing equipment is reduced. Furthermore, the TPS® application is a very sustainable because the way of application from a barrel of material does not leave any waste. The black polyisobutylene is extruded from the barrel directly onto the disc by means of a fully automatic applicator, forming a dense, homogeneous, and continuously applied mass. To achieve a perfect application result, the following boundary conditions must be met:

This leads to optimized production, as some production steps, such as frame production, logistics and storage for the frames are unnecessary.

Advantages of TPS® production:

  • Significant Ψ-value improvement in the edge area and thus improved U-value of the entire window more uniform surface temperature greatly reduced condensation in the edge area of the glazing.
  • Elastic edge seal reduces the stress on the glass energy saving and increased comfort.
  • No annoying reflections due to metallic spacers but adaptation to the color of the window frame highest quality and almost unlimited service life minimal thickness tolerances.