Satinal successfully improved the Italian production of interlayers for safety glass and expands its product portfolio with 2 new revolutionary products developed internally by the S-LAB R&D team and in close collaboration with European raw materials suppliers: an eco-friendly Carbon-free EVA interlayer and a new structural interlayer.

The new innovations expand the range of the STRATO® interlayers and consolidate Satinal’s technological leadership in the safety glass industry.

The Carbon-free EVA films are made from raw materials produced with innovative eco-friendly industrial processes, completely run by renewable energy sources without any fossil fuel power generation source. Moreover, Satinal industrial processes as well are powered by renewable energy sources, from Hydroelectric to Photovoltaic, that enable the first ever production of Carbon-Free EVA Interlayers in the world.

STRATO® SENTINEL is the self-priming structural laminating interlayer from Satinal that grants rigidity characteristics, transparency, UV protection, sound insulation and edge stability. Compliant with EN 16613 certification, it has certified structural characteristics that ensure it is suitable to withstand large loadings without losing its rigidity and provides maximum protection against strong impacts. The breakage of the glass component does not affect the whole laminated structure at high and low temperatures after impact and under load.