In recent years, transparent glass screens have more important role to realize attractive podium. These podium facades provide pleasant scenery for city life reflecting street trees and urban activities to build sustainable walkable cities. Considering this important role of the facades, the authors have designed and tested a new glass screen system, which applied slender tempered glass stiffeners. In general, adhesive sealant applied between glass screen and glass stiffener is structural sealant however, the authors selected silyl terminated polyacrylate sealant considering a value of keeping the screen clean.

 Glass itself is a flat pane and difficult to make h-shape like steel beam, by the way. Therefore, glass deformation is large, and it is always required some stiffeners to reduce derived deformation on the pane. The authors take this issue into account and develop the solution using slender tempered glass stiffeners. The shape of the new system looks like Japanese footwear “GETA”, which is wooden flip-flop with two heels. New glass screen system has two slender glass stiffeners like GETA’s heel, and the stiffeners are deployed near the vertical edges of the flat pane.

This paper reports the structural behavior of pre-GETA, t-shape glass screen through full-scale experiments. The authors already have confirmed the structural property of silyl terminated polyacrylate sealant with small piece of specimens and this research is referring the results. In addition, this research compares the experiments’ results and finite-element analysis results, which applied sealing properties. Through this comparison, this research shows sealant effects of the system.