Although in the last years the furnace manufacturers have improved their processes and equipment, the Rollerwave and Edge Kink evaluation is still of great interest. The need to increase productivity often results in furnaces being utilized to the limits of production. That sometimes leads to minor product quality. In order to reliably operate the furnaces at the limit of their capacity, good measuring instruments are required. This is especially necessary for optical distortion, which does not only lead to a wavy appearance in the final product – but brings issues along when the sheets will be assembled to laminated or insulated glass.

In addition to the data that glass processors could already obtain from our haze or anisotropy control, the measurement of optical distortion now provides additional information. All these components and data will contribute to a significant improvement in furnace control and thus to better product quality at high productivity.

Even if the processes of learning and improving the furnace parameters currently normally run in an analogue mode, the future will be digital. Then quality control systems like our Temper Scanner 5D will provide data for an automized feedback to the furnace control to adapt parameters to achieve and keep the targeted quality level.