We present our proprietary, laser-based Corning nanoPerforation technology, which cuts glass. Combined with our CO2-laser release process, the technology delivers smooth, very high-quality cuts that reduces or even eliminates the need for post-processing (e.g. grinding) which is otherwise typically required after mechanical score and break.

The high accuracy and precision of this process allows net-shape or near net-shape cutting of complex free-form designs. As an example, this enables cutting of tightly nested automotive sidelite parts which results in high material utilization and thus, significant savings in glass material cost.

Furthermore, our laser cutting technology proves to be highly beneficial for cutting of value-added glass with functional layers as used in smart windows applications, including e.g. offset cuts to provide access to the respective TCO-electrodes. Therefore, the smart glass functionalities can be added on an uniform mother sheet size prior to the flexible singulation process which streamlines and simplifies the manufacturing process chain. In this way, and together with high throughput and yield, our laser cutting technology enables high design flexibility combined with significant cost reduction.

We will explain the unique attributes of our laser cutting process using specific examples and use-cases for automotive and architectural glass.