Design, engineering and installation of glass structures in Canada. The Place Ville Marie is located in the heart of Montreal, directly on the Boulevard René-Lévesque. This square has been renovated to become one of the most popular urban meeting places in Montreal. The former four dome lights were transformed into a large central glass entrance pavilion that provides direct access to the area below. seele’s services included the planning and installation of the 45x15m glass roof, which is located approx. 1.2 m above the ground. The approximately 680m2 roof consists of 15 m x 2.5 m insulated glass panels. The regular roof panels are supported by 8x12mm laminated safety glass panels with a height of 900mm. In the context of this presentation, special features of construction and installation will be explained. For example, a combination of bolting and laminating techniques is used for the joining technique. In the entrance area, glass beams cantilever several metres and thus place special demands on the statics. In order to bear the high snow loads, 14-ply laminates are used in this special area.