Eckardt Peter


Mechanical and physical properties of Hybrid Glass Metal Panels are described by Doebbel et al.. Fabrica-tion technology and production planning are tasks, which needed additional development.

The glass and metal sheets are connected by a continuous bonding layer using a silicone adhesive. This en-ables to transfer loads from the glass plies with a laminar load distribution to the metal sheet and to con-nected metal backings. The uniform opaque panels can be realized up to 3.2 x 15 meters.

In order to ensure a safe and economic production process, the following objectives were thrived: – Handling and positioning of the panes for a horizontal production process

  • – A documented cleaning process
  • – Precise mixture and correct volume application of the adhesive
  • – Handling and transport within the curing process
  • – Quality control in advance, and within the production process

In order to ensure a high quality result of the product, which isn’t regulated in available codes, and to enable an efficient production for approximately 25.000 sqm in a first project, an mainly automated production process were developed.

The paper summarizes the fabrication methods of the panels and highlights the automated assembly. The paper concludes with an outlook of possible applications.

  • Company:Seele GmbH
  • Short Bio:Peter Eckardt is a degreed civil engineer, specialized in structural engineering for steel and glass structures. After some years at a consultant close to Munich and an excursion into architecture abroad, he joined seele in 2003 contributing to team for structural glass and steel design. He is the head of structural engineering for all-glass structures.
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