The theme of GPD 2025 is “GLASS – THE IN/VISIBLE IMPACT”, aiming to deepen the understanding of glass’s diverse role and its significance in a global context.

Glass, with its unnoticed transparency in our everyday lives, symbolizes clarity and innovation. With this theme, GPD inspires sustainable advancements in the glass industry and highlights the diverse and significant global impact of glass.

THE IN/VISIBLE IMPACT highlights the impact that GPD has on the glass industry internationally by setting benchmarks and inspiring sustainable innovations that thrive the industry forward.  Furthermore, the theme reflects the glass’s diversity and symbolizes its transparency. It underscores the often unnoticed yet substantial influence of glass in various aspects of our lives and industries, prompting exploration and appreciation of its multifaceted contributions to the world.

The 2025 event will delve into the key topics shaping the glass industry. These include exploring the glass value chain, understanding diverse applications, reflecting on the legacy of innovations presented in GPD events, and addressing sustainability and social responsibility. Through various conference sessions hosted by experts in their fields, attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the glass industry’s evolution, versatility, and commitment to sustainability.

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