GPD 2023 is gathering the glass industry together to share latest insights, and celebrate the great work done by the distinguished people in the industry.

The special JV Award, also known as Jorma Vitkala Award of Merit, was created and introduced in 2017 together with Jean-Paul Hautekeer, Global Marketing Director at Dow and other glass industry leaders.

“GPD, the leading global glass industry conference dedicated to knowledge sharing and networking is approaching and this year, we will celebrate a new recipient of the 2023 GPD Jorma Vitkala Award” says Jean-Paul Hautekeer. “This award is intended to honor someone who has made personal and outstanding contributions to the international glass industry over the years, examples of which could be product /process development, innovations, systems, construction, design, architecture, ambitious research initiatives, advanced learning or sustainability”.

“While highlighting distinguished people with an award, it is important to underline that it is for the common good and progress of the glass industry as a whole that the award is instituted,” says Anders Dahlblom, CEO at Glaston “Continued innovative progress and bold new solutions are essential in keeping the applications of glass at the forefront for designers, industries, and research institutions. In shaping the sustainable future of glass, new innovative solutions will continue providing us with effective competitiveness in the choices of materials and solutions for buildings, automotive, displays and interior decorating. This award is a special tribute to leading contributors in the development of the glass industry.”

Nominations for contributors that have made a significant impact are welcome from the public through a simple online submission process. While proposing a name, a description of the nominee’s relevant merits and contributions is required.

Should you have any suitable candidates in mind for this award, your nominations are welcomed with delight at 

Closing date for entries is 5 May 2023.  The nomination committee will then select 5-10 candidates for voting online during May. The winner will be celebrated at the GPD conference dinner on 15 June 2023.

Gathering the industry would not be possible without the belief and financial help of GPD’s main supporters – the Glaston Corporation, other key industrial sponsors, various glass associations, exhibition organizers, international press, and especially different chairpersons, who have been and continue still to be the lifeblood of GPD. More about GPD, the catalyst for new ideas new technologies and new relationships at

Thank you for joining in selecting the award winner and we hope to meet you in Finland!

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We look forward to receiving your nominations.

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