Glaston, a leading provider of glass processing technologies and lifecycle services, and the VELUX Group, a global leader in roof windows and skylights, are proud to announce their collaboration on Step Change at the Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2023 conference to promote sustainable innovation in the glass industry and address global environmental challenges.

Tyler Leighton Moersch from the VELUX group at Step Change 2019

Recognizing the urgent need for driving sustainable change within the building sector, the VELUX Group and Glaston have designed the Step Change Base Camp 2023 focusing on key topics such as energy efficiency, carbon-reduction commitments, and sustainable innovative emerging technology solutions. The purpose is to develop and promote new innovations for the glass industry value chain and connect start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs with industry professionals worldwide to network and to push for sustainable change.

“In VELUX, we have an ambitious sustainability strategy and we wish to drive the building sector towards a more sustainable future. Step Change is the perfect opportunity for stakeholders in the glass industry to come together to drive sustainable innovations and by partnering with Glaston, we can make a real impact on how the industry approaches sustainability,” says Tyler Leighton Moersch, Ph.D. Lead Specialist in Advanced Material Technology at the VELUX Group.


Miika Äppelqvist from Glaston at Step Change 2019

Glaston’s Chief Sales Officer and Deputy CEO, Sasu Koivumäki, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We, at Glaston, are looking forward to team up with VELUX for the upcoming Step Change Base Camp 2023. Together, we share the same values in opening doors for new technologies and solutions.  We believe that collaboration is the key for accelerating a continuous and meaningful development of our industry.”


Step Change Base Camp 2023: inspiring new ideas and collaborations

Step Change was first introduced in connection with Glass Performance Days in 2017 and this year’s event will take place during the GPD 2023 conference from 14-16 June 2023 in Tampere, Finland. Attendees will benefit from expert-led workshops and presentations, networking, and keynote speeches, all aimed at inspiring new ideas and collaborations that contribute to the sustainable development of the glass industry. The success of the Step Change event has fully supported the objective of GPD, which is focused on the development of the glass industry through an exchange of ideas, concepts, and innovations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the solution to help shape the future of the glass industry. Register now for GPD 2023 and join us at Step Change Base Camp to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the sustainable development of our industry.


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