JV Award of Merit 2023

About JVAM

This special Award was introduced in 2017 to honor and reward individuals or contributors who have made outstanding personal contributions to the progress and development of the international glass industry over the years. Such contributions may represent e.g., product / process development, new innovations, systems, construction, design, architecture, ambitious research initiatives and advanced learning. The Prize offers an opportunity to extend both recognition and visibility for achievements that enjoy broad-based appreciation within the industry.

The following people have been nominated for the 2023 Jorma Vitkala Award of Merit based on their excellent contribution in the industry:

  • Steve Selkowitz, Affiliate: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Francis Serruys, Saint-Gobain BU GLASS FACADES
  • Graham Dodd, Arup
  • Dr. Michael Emonds, Chemetall-Basf
  • Mic Patterson, Facade Tectonics
  • Tim Macfarlane, Glass limited.
  • Glenn Leroux, Canadian Premium Sand (CPS)

The final decision on the winner of this year’s award was made via online voting. The winner was announced at the GPD 2023 Opening Ceremory, in Tampere Finland.

Our congratulations to the award winner, Francis Serruys, Saint-Gobain BU GLASS FACADES.