An introduction to the vacuum insulated glazing


As with the past two GPD Finland conferences I would like to present a 4 hr workshop regarding the vacuum insulated lazing (VIG) technology. This will include a discussion of the energy use in buildings and conventional IGU applications. A discussion of the properties of the VIG; I will speak to thermal and mechanical properties, discuss the design optimisation, testing of the VIG, and also the future evolution of the technology.

Bullet Point Summary

Workshop Timetable

• Potential impact of the use of insulating windows

• Breakdown of the Vacuum Insulated Glazing technology (VIG)

• Discussion and outline of thermal performance

• Discussion and outline of the mechanical strength

• Optimisation of the VIG design







9.00 Seating of participants, introduction of speaker

9.10 What is building energy use and what are insulated windows

9.50 Short break for questions (tea/coffee)

10.00 The vacuum insulated glazing (VIG) and other technologies

10.40 Long break for questions (tea/coffee/snacks)

11.10 A discussion of the VIG thermal and mechanical performance

11.50 Short break for questions (tea/coffee)

12.00 A discussion of potential applications and future potential

12.40 Closing remarks and final questions from participa n t s

12.55 End

Duration: 4 hours


Cenk Kocer

Cenk Kocer, University of Sydney 

Dr Cenk Kocer is a materials researcher with over 20 years experienece, working at the University of Sydney. His focus area is the research and development of the Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) technology. He has been working with industry partners in the development of novel design and processing. He also has engaged the community and works torwards pasing on a greater understanding of the place of the VIG future building design for energy efficiency.



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PDF Brochure GPD Finland 2017 Workshop An Introduction to The Vacuum Insulated Glazing

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