Innovative Structural Silicone Bonding Technologies: Optimizing Transparency and Performance in Facade Systems


The workshop will give the participants a strong background on Structural Glazing state-of-the-art principles, tips and latest developments, from design to successful execution built on more than 50 years’ global experience in the field.

The presentation will cover how the technology provides successful answers to the essential requirements of a façade system around design (transparency, materials, shapes, live loads and dead loads) and performance (thermal properties, safety, durability and impact resistance).

The presenters will show numerous case studies around the world where the techniques were successfully used and demonstrated great durability and performance in a variety of environments (Seismic, Typhoon, Extreme climate, Blast mitigation)

Specific attention will be dedicated to the latest developments of transparent structural silicone bonding technologies, allowing to further enhance the aesthetics of the façade. Several case studies will be developed as well.

Bullet Point Summary

Workshop Timetable

• Fundamentals on Structural Glazing technology

• Design for extreme requirements (wind load, hurricane, blast mitigation, heat and cold)

• Proven durability through case histories

• New clear bonding technologies




09:00 Fundamentals on Structural Glazing technology. Design for “extreme” requirements. Proven performance.

10:15 Break (15 minutes).

10:30 New clear bonding silicone technologies. Clear Structural Bonding Applications. Case histories.

12:30 Round table discussion and Q&A.

Participants are encouraged to prepare questions and ideas to discuss on actual and hypothetical situations.

13:00 End of the workshop.


Larry Carbary

Lisa Rammig

Valérie Hayez


Larry Carbary & Valérie Hayez, Dow Corning

Lawrence (Larry) Carbary is an Industry Scientist at Dow Corning’s High Performance Building Solution team. He is working on new technologies for Facade Sealing and Glazing techniques. He is internationally recognized with more than 30 publications for ASTM and construction trade Journals on the topics of curtainwall sealing, aesthetic considerations and restoration.

Valérie Hayez is an Application Engineer for the High-Performance Building Solutions at Dow Corning. She is responsible for identifying and communicating industry needs to Dow Corning’s Research and Development Community and supporting the development and commercialization of new products.

Lisa Rammig, Eckersley O’Callaghan

Lisa Rammig is an Associate at Eckersley O’Callaghan where she is leading the practices R&D efforts, focusing on innovative glass designs and technology. This work includes the development, testing and market introduction of new technology in collaboration with the industry such as technology companies and material fabricators and processors. She is generating a very strong link between research and industry through the integration of novel products and technology and development in the building envelope design of major projects.

Bruno Kassnel-Henneberg, Glas Troesch and Michael Ludvik, M.Ludvik & Co are also going to speak during this workshop.



GPD Finland 2017 Workshop Innovative Structural Silicone Bonding Technologies: Optimizing Transparency and Performance in Facade Systems 


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