How will UX Design effect Automotive Glazing?


The room will be divided up into groups of 5 to 8 people each, all sitting around numbered tables. After an introductory presentation explaining the concept, each group will be given a topic to explore. The number of topics will depend on the overall number of participants in the workshop.

At the end of the group development, each table will present their opinions/discoveries/suggestions. All other tables will have the opportunity to comment or ask questions concerning each presentation. At the end of the group presentations, I will make a concluding speech, pointing out the take home from the various ideas generated by the participants.

Bullet Point Summary

  • • How are user experiences defined?
  • • How will UX Quality managers control new solutions in production?
  • • How are different UX preferences calculated into new proposals?
  • • What is the difference between UX products and UX services?…just to name a few.

Workshop Timetable

09:00 UX Design – the key to wellbeing

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Automotive glass quality control

14:00 End


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson, ED Design srl

Mike Robinson – CEO & Design Director, ED Design srl. ED is the largest design and engineering company in Italy, offering turn-key services in the automotive and transportation industry.

Robinson previously held the position of Design Director at Bertone, Fiat, and Lancia, where he designed the Fiat Bravo/Brava/Marea, (European Car of the Year in 1995), the Lancia Dialogos and Nea concept cars (the very first autonomous cars in Europe), the Lancia Lybra, Thesis, Phedra, and Ypsilon production cars, plus the Lancia Giubileo (Pope John Paul II’s personal limousine), and the Fiat Ducato production truck. As Bertone Design Director he created the Alfa Romeo Pandion, Jaguar B99, Nuccio, and Aston Martin Jet 2+2 concept cars, plus the FAW X80 and the BAIC D50, two top-selling production cars in China. At ED he has designed the BAIC D60 GT concept car and the ED Torq, a fully electric, fully autonomous race car.

In non-automotive achievements, Robinson designed the 2015 Frecciarossa 1000, a high speed train for Europe, the AgustaWestland Project Zero, a full electric, twin, tilt rotor VTOL flying wing helicopter which won the coveted Grover Bell Innovations Award in 2014, plus the Mangusta 65 Open, a sport luxury yacht.

A well-known researcher of future technologies, Robinson has been a strong advocate for autonomous, electric vehicles (AVs + EVs) since 1996. Today, 20 years later, everyone is finally adhering to the greatest transformation of the automobile since it’s inception. This incredible transformation will have a profound effect on modern society, by saving 1.2 million lives every year, and offering a paradigm leap in personal wellbeing across the planet.

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