Anisotropy Workshop (held in Glaston)


The aim of the workshop is to bring together participants from the whole glass value chain: from glass processing companies to designers. There is a clear need to communicate and discuss the phenomenon – how different parties see this problem.

We would like to make an action plan, including common guidelines or recommendations. An important part of the discussion are also different measurement systems. We would like to follow‑up the outcomes from two workshops and hear your opinion on future actions, key participants, and other suggestions.

Planned workshop is a continuation of series of Anisotropy/Iridescence challenge workshops. The first workshop was organized in April 2014 in Glaston Finland premises and the second during GPD 2015.  It gave us several results and call-for-action: need for more communication, need for more transparency and co‑operation in glass industry, need for committee, research support, and above all concrete suggestions how to implement changes into working process in order to satisfy both ends of the value chain, glass processing companies as well as structural engineers.

The Anisotropy workshop will be organized under the umbrella of Glass Innovation Institute.

Glass Innovation Institute will prepare a comprehensive collection of the results of every joint
development group and will send it to the participants so that the preparation and development work
can continue after the event.

Workshop Timetable

08:30 Welcome to workshop, introduction of participants

09:10 Message from the markets and motivation to solve the Anisotropy problem

  • – Keith Boswell -SOM Architects
  • – Mr. James Carpenter, Principal, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.
  • – Dr. Thomas Henriksen, Technical Director, Mott Mcdonald
  • – Saverio Pasetto, Skansa UK
  • – Peter Smithson, BG & E Facades Australia

09:45 What is Anisotropy?

  • – Francis Serruys, Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe (8min)

Information about German anisotropy group by Jens Schneider, Darmstadt TU (5min)

New Anisotropy measurement device

  • – Rainer Feuster, Viproton (7min)
  • – Riku Farm, Glaston (7min)

Discussion with other stakeholders

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Panel discussion with stakeholders

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Workshop

Forming groups by different fields: architects, façade builders, structural engineers, glass processing, equipment manufactures, etc..

In the end short presentations by each group

14:20 Summary and discussion

15:00 End

Duration: 6 hours 30minutes.


Glass Innovation Institute (GII)

Glass Innovation Institute (GII) is an independent organization not associated with glass or glass-equipment manufacturers. It is the first organization aiming at bringing together experts from around the world to create and share a body of knowledge about the whole value chain of glass in innovative construction/building solutions.


GPD Finland 2017 Anisotropy Workshop Brochure

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