Advances in Coatings for Glass and Plastics

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The workshop will be specially organized only this time based on the collaboration of GPD and ICCG (International Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics), aiming to provide the information about the advanced markets, applications and technologies of coatings on glass and plastics to the GPD participants. All the speakers are the members of international Organizing Committee of ICCG, who are the technical and/or business experts leading the coatings on glass and plastics in the world. Please do not miss this opportunity to understand what is going on in these coatings on glass and plastics world. The presenters shown below.

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Key Points & Workshop Timetable

09.00 Opening address by Dr. Koichi Suzuki

Part 1 Market

09:05 Dr. Dmitriy Bernt, Plasma Coating Process Engineer, NSG Pilkinton Glass, Russia

  • •  Russian Flat Glass Coatings Market Overview

09:30 Dr. Sener Oktik, CTO, Science & Technology Center, SISECAM, Turkey

  • •  Future of Architectural Glazing and Glazing for Automotive  in Turkey  &The Middle East and North Africa region

09:55 Dr. Shi Jie Wang, Senior Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore

  • • Glass coating related industry and development in Southeast Asia area

10:20 Coffee Break

Part 2 Technology

10:35  Prof. Dr. Guenter Bräuer, ICCG Chairman & Director of Fraunhofer IST, Germany

  • • Some recent developments in sputter technology

11.25 Prof. Karel Spee, ICCG Vice Chairman & Consultant of Solliance/TNO, The Netherlands

  • • Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition a novel very fast atmospheric pressure deposition technique bringing new possibilities for nano-scaled and nano-designed coatings for a range of large area glass and foil based applications

12:10 Lunch Break

13:00 Dr. Gerhard Schottner, Fraunhofer ISC, Germany

  • • Recent Developments in Sol-Gel Coatings on Glass and Plastics

Part 3 Application

13:50 Dr. Georg Ockefuss, Manager, Viavi Solutions, US

  • • High volume filter (Provisional title)”interference

14:40  Prof. Dr. Bernd Szyszka, Professor TU Berlin

  •                   • Photovoltaics towards terawatt scale: challenges in research

15:00 Dr. Koichi Suzuki, Secretary of ICCG, Japanese Representative of Fraunhofer FEP & President of SurFtech Transnational Co.,Ltd., Japan

  • • Flexible organic electronics and R2R coating technologies in Fraunhofer FEP

15:30 Dr. Gerhard Schottner, Fraunhofer ISC, Germany

  • • ICCG12, Wurburg, June2018

15:40 Closing



Prof. Karel Spee

Dr. Dmitriy Bernt

Dr. Wang Shi Jie

Dr. Koichi Suzuki

Dr. Georg Ockenfuss

Prof. Dr. Sener Oktik

Dr. Gerhard Schottner

Prof. Dr. Guenter Bräuer



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