Understanding the tempering line costs and payback

By Miika Äppelqvist

A tempering line investment is usually one of the biggest investments a glass processing factory can make. However, the costs related to the investment are more than just the machine alone. The calculation may seem simple, however, different companies value different factors in a very different way.

The methods of calculation might vary, but one thing remains: once the full scope of calculations is done and over with, you’ll see that the reliability and quality of the end product are far more important than just the price at the purchasing moment. Anybody can check this by just eliminating a certain amount of sold products. This will have a drastic effect on the payback, since fixed costs are running, but no revenue is coming in.

The investment

It is important to understand that the tempering line investment includes different utilities that are needed to operate the line. In order to get the whole picture, we have collected a list of the cost components that you should consider in your calculations.

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