GPD Finland 2017 Final program out featuring 180 presentations

In issuing the Final Program for the 25th Anniversary GPD Conference in June 2017 the organizers have some important points to make. These unique Glass Performance Days again attract the elite of the world´s glass professionals and a whole of 180 presentations have been signed up by top specialists. Another timely and important note is that now this is the time for commitment to participation in this glass summit.

The Conference program offers hands-on workshops, in-depth specialist presentations and a comprehensive look at the use and performance of glass solutions. There are many intelligent ways to apply glass technology to unique building designs, not the least in the area of smart glazing. Glass as a flexible and attractive material lends itself to both economical and imaginative applications. GPD is truly the one place to network with business partners and top specialists that may otherwise be hard to reach.

Take a look at the comprehensive renewed program  that takes Conference scheduling to a new level. Transparence and open doors lead the way – flexibility and innovation are the key words.

Permit me to express my gratitude of the input by session Chairmen and the GPD team who have contributed so constructively to the development of the glass industry over the past 25 years.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Finland this June.

Yours truly

Jorma Vitkala

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Forum of Innovation

Development and change are important drivers for the Glass Performance Days – and have been so for 25 years. Although glass is a traditional material its applications are far from traditional. The way in which glazing solutions serve building economy, energy-efficiency, day-lighting and transparency today have come a long way from the practices of the very first GPD environments.

This year the Conference is thoroughly renewed. The format and contents have been upgraded, the venue is new and the use of modern audio-technology enables the organization of the whole Conference in one open space without interference between sessions.  For participants this opens up possibilities for easy moves within the same facility as it eliminates the need for checking programs behind closed doors. The new program introductions such as the Step-Change concept for start-up organizations,  innovators  and investors and the Ambassadorial Program for the transfer of know-how between mentors, veteran s and newcomers address new priorities within the glass industry.

It is safe to say that the GPD Forum has the potential to address, define and solve any relevant challenge in the glass industry to the benefit of its customers. The work-shops focus on defined issues and special seminars on specific applications areas. Architects and building designers will enjoy exciting views of experienced professionals in the ever-more popular area of high-rise construction read more.