The rise in laminated glass – Adding safety and durability to modern design


By Jussi Niemioja

Lamination only recently has really started to gain momentum. This growth is fueled by three main factors: safety, more creative architecture designs and the increasing use of glass as a structural element. For glass processors who choose to diversify by extending into the safety and durability advantages of laminated glass, a rapid return on investment is almost always guaranteed.

Safety at the top of the list

Due to its shatterproof properties, laminated glass has been used in the car industry in windshields for the past 50 years to ensure driver and passenger safety. With the increased frequency and intensity of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters, safer buildings are imperative.

Regulations are becoming stricter, requiring glass providers to move forward to safer building solutions, such as using lamination, which is known for its outstanding durability. That’s why the amount of lamination used today is growing rapidly. Read more