Technological advancements: glass undiscovered

By Jorma Vitkala

Here’s a simple observation: safety glass is getting bigger and bigger.

Alongside the current trend, more companies and architects are, naturally, finding more ways to incorporate glass into their buildings. And with the help of modern processing technologies, big glass is finally being used as a structural element as well.

Paving the way

The pioneer of structural glass, Tim Macfarlane, has been promoting this method for years now. In fact, Tim started to use glass as a structural element already in 1987. And ever since the nineties, Tim has been a regular presenter and a source of inspiration at the GPD events.

Exciting time for the glass industry

Another trendy topic within the glass industry is cold bending. Cold-bent glass can be found in many modern buildings and building sites. As the capabilities of glass processing machines grow, the glass sizes are increasing in a similar manner. The growing production capabilities have led to a situation that enables architects to use their imagination when creating new buildings that include larger glass sheets. Read more