Rodrigues Pedro


The auditorium of the new headquarters of Banco Popular in Madrid consists of a large glass box with pieces of (9,5×2,6 m). Composed of two skins and glass fin with a bespoke system developed by Martifer, based on the concept of architects and consultants facade (Ayala & ENAR). It seems as an all glass facade without metallic profiles. Furthermore the assembly is very complicated because of abscene of space.

  • Short Bio:Pedro Rodrigues studied civil engineering and graduates with honours from Aveiro University. In 2008 he did a MSC graduation in Aluminium Systems by the theme “Structural Analyses and design of Aluminium systems”. Since 2005 he is been working in a fast and upscale environment at Martifer Metallic Constructions Group. He started as a designer/drafter and his passion by this business area and his hard work allow to assume a Project Manager position, then International Production Director and most recently he is in charge of the Martifer Technology Office and R&D for all the projects of aluminium and glass division. The experience and knowledge obtained over the past , allow him the capacity to generate high technical and new solutions and project stages optimization in special Projects, as the New Head Quarter of Banco Popular, in Madrid, Spain.
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