Raynaud Jacques


The famous architectural office OMA has designed the new multimedia library of Caen, the capital of Normandy: the main feature of this building is a big central space, open as widely as possible to the magnificent surrounding landscape. An original solution has been conceived to span more than 6m without mullion by shaping the center part of the glass panels themselves, thus creating a shell behaviour and therefore inducing a great stiffness of the glass skin. A research for the optimal structural shape has been carried out, defining the precise shape of the glass. The glass panes are double glazed with argon filling, the inner glass pane being flat and thus could be treated with efficient thermal coating. Considering the huge volume of gas enclosed into the insulating glass unit cavity (around 2m3), a study of induced stress into the sealing joint by the thermal expansion of the gas has been made and proved to be acceptable. The value of the thermal performance has been also precisely evaluated by specific Computational Fluid Dynamics modelisation. The installation of glass units weigting about 2 Tons was a particularly difficult task only made possible by the use of special glass handling tools

  • Company:Elioth
  • Short Bio:Trained as architect and engineer, Jacques Raynaud has more than 20 years of experience in the conception of special glass skins for buildings.
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