Ochoa Alex


Preparing for the future begins with understanding the past and a realistic view of the present. This presentation will take a look at how glass fabrication has changed and its relationship to the industrial revolution. A critical look at the present will show how far we have come as an industry and reveal how far yet we have to go to become truly efficient and find success in an ever changing world. Understanding the past and present while considering demographics, market dynamics and technology will provide a view into the future.

Alex Ochoa is chairing Quality Management Session in GPD Finland 2017.

  • Company:FeneTech Inc.
  • Short Bio:Alex Ochoa, Business Development Latino-America for FeneTech Inc. Alex has participated in the fenestration industry for almost one decade, he comes from one of the oldest families in the glass industry in Mexico. As soon as he graduated as a Industrial Engineer, he started working as the Production Manager in a glass processing company in Guadalajara, Mexico and later on he achieved the position of General Manager for the new facility of the group in the northeast of Mexico. His experience in the field has give him the knowledge to understand his clients, and now he is responsible for consulting glass processing companies in Latino-America to improve their efficiency and the control of their business thru integration and automation, by the usage of new technology and flexible ERP systems.
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