Jiang Yi


With excellent heat preservation and insulation property, Vacuum Glass can compare with wall and play a key role in building energy saving. It also has the advantage of sound insulation, lightness and thinness, being the best selection for window&door of energy saving buildings. Developed through laboratory research to industrial production, Vacuum Glass had continuous innovation and made progress. Synergy worked on the research and application of Vacuum Glass for more than ten years. This speech is going to introduce the progress situation of technology, industrialization and its practical applications for Vacuum Glass.

  • Company:Beijing Synergy Vacuum Glazing Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Short Bio:Mr. JIANG Yi is deputy general manager of Beijing Synergy. As senior engineer, he also manages the R&D center now. Being engaged in vacuum glass production technology and equipment research for 16 years, he was one of main designers of automatic vacuum glass production line and participated in many works for compiling application standard of vacuum glass products.
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