Greiner Ralf


System TEA is a specific ceramic paint application, jointly developed with the enamel manufacturer Ferro, for the combination with Guardian sputter-coated architectural glass. The technology creates a very stable and uniform ceramic surface. This new process opens up opportunities to provide high performance coated glass for a number of different applications such as structural glazing, all-glass corners, glass roofs or louvre windows. The process involves the enamel being applied directly onto the coating. During subsequent heating, the enamel dissolves the sputter coating and fuses with the glass to create a very strong bond – comparable to standard enamel on float glass. After cooling, the coating is fully embedded in the enamel.

  • Company:Guardian Thalheim GmbH
  • Short Bio:Ralf Greiner is European Manager Product Application Development at Guardian. During the last 20 years he was mainly in charge of product application, technical customer service and marketing. Artur Bechtloff is European Sales Manager for Flat Glass at Ferro GmbH, Performance Color and Glass Division. He is responsible for sales and technical service of enamels and special products for the application on glass.
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