Cole Russell


The London property market has enjoyed a boom in construction since 2010 including many large developments of diverse typologies. There has been a broad trend over the past few years though has been towards a simplistic approach to glass specification and procurement. There are a few projects where more sophisticated latest glass products have been sought but more commonly glass is treated as a commodity. However there is also a significant population of projects that aim to achieve glass that achieves a high performance, looks good and has an attractive visual quality.

Over the same time available glass products have multiplied and sourcing has become globalised from numerous sources in numerous geographies. As the that ultimately may disappoint developers owners, designers and specifiers. This paper will explore some of the characteristics and drivers of this trend but also discuss how the glass industry might play its part and respond to give the customer what he wants.

  • Company:Arup Facade Engineering
  • Short Bio:Russell has a background in façade and structural engineering and specialises in the design, assessment and construction of all types of façade systems for a broad range of buildings, façade systems and materials. Having been based in Asia for many years he is now based in London. The areas of investigations and resolution of failing facades also form a large part of his work.
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