Carpenter James


As an artist and designer bridging the worlds of art, engineering and architecture, Carpenter’s speech will survey the last 25 years of developments and innovation that have been forged between building designers and glass manufacturers.

With today’s ongoing transformative advances in technology, the glass interface of your phone may be as significant as the glass enveloping your office or home. Do we now intuitively understand glass as a threshold for the exchange of information? How do the natural and augmented qualities of light embodied within glass suggest future innovation and what is the thread that binds this near future to the past?

Using his nearly fifty years of practice leading the design of glass structures, he will use project examples to outline his more philosophical approach to the future applications of architectural glass. By considering the most technical aspects of glass and light with a larger vision for the role of light in our daily urban existence, he will propose a focus on a responsive and sustainable integration of glass performance as it effects human experience on both sides of the building envelope.

  • Company:Founder, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.
  • Short Bio:James Carpenter works at the intersection of art, architecture and engineering, advancing a distinct vision based on the use of natural light and glass as the foundational elements of the built environment. Carpenter founded the cross-disciplinary design firm James Carpenter Design Associates in 1979 to support the application of these aesthetic principles to large-scale architectural projects and in 2012 established Architecture Operations D.P.C. in order to provide clients with comprehensive architectural services. Carpenter has also co-founded Carpenter Norris Consulting, which develops custom daylighting systems for architectural structures that reduce reliance on electrical lighting; and Carpenter/Lowings Architecture and Design, based in the United Kingdom. Carpenter has been recognized with numerous national and international awards, including an Academy Award in Architecture from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and the Velux Daylighting Award. He holds a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and was a Loeb Fellow of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.
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