XX(X)L Glass – Quality Control, Logistics & Insurance

The use of extra over-sized glass becomes increasingly relevant in modern architecture. Animated by the ultimate desire of opening spaces with minimized visual destruction, clean and transparent surfaces as well as simplified element structures, architects and engineers aspire to push the limits of today’s glass fabrication.

How does the industry assure and control that the custom manufactured over-sized glass still meets or even exceeds quality standards acceptable to its clients? The impact of rejection or product failure is quantified by extraordinary cost in production, logistics and installation. The role of an educated insurance advisory becomes a need for protecting risk, rights and large investments clients, but also manufactures are exposed to.

This paper outlines what standards are available, and how the industry needs to expand these standards (or warranties) in the same manner as glass dimensions are being enlarged to understand, coordinate and mitigate risks for clients and manufacturers. The analysis further includes transportation and logistical aspects of super-large glass, becoming an engineering science for itself. What is the impact of logistics on total cost and what are the steps required to be considered to control and insure the process of construction, schedule and risk mitigation.