Structural Silicon Joints in Cold-bent SSG units

Use of cold-bent or warped glass units in unitized curtain walling has been getting a state-of-the-art application for the last years. This makes special demands on an appropriate design of glass units and frame members as well as on the elastic and load-bearing bonding joints in Structural Sealant Glazing applications. Depending on the approach of producing and installing these units as well as the geometrical boundary conditions the structural silicone joints are going to be affected by additional permanent load reactions and joint movements next to regular loading. Due to the warped or curved shape of the units significant changes in load distribution, load sharing and stiffness can result and even load peaks in the elastic silicone joints can arise. This paper shall summarize technical requirements and engineering rules as well as design aspects enabling appropriate design and calculation of structural silicone joints in cold-bent SSG units. Reflecting a reliable safety concept and the expected life cycle of these load-bearing bonding joints is part of the approach.