Structural Glass in Building Restoration. Europe? S Tower Entrance Hall. Madrid. Spain

Currently in Spain the building restoration world of rehabilitation of office buildings is at boiling point. Many of these restorations are made to adapt the building to legislation and to implement improvements in energy efficiency, but also to give them a new exterior image. This new image intends to be actual and with a technological design without great design performances.

In this new image, use of structural glass is a perfect idea because it involves a minimal intervention with little visual impact, and current and technological elements.

This is the case of the new hall of Torre Europa in Madrid shown as a free dihedral glass composed of mullions 10 m high on which a horizontal beam glass is arranged to stabilize the assembly. This structure transmits the loads to the main building. The enclosure is made with laminated glass full height and 3 m wide which are stabilized by metal inserts put into the mullions.

The project is owned by INFINORSA, and was conducted by the British architects RTKL with the Spanish study LKS. The consultancy tasks of the facade have been conducted by ENAR and the project has been awarded for construction to Bellapart.