Recent developments of laminating films as contribution for energy efficient buildings and facades

The reduction of greenhouse gases is one of the most important goals of the international climate policy. Today, roughly one third of all greenhouse gas emissions is created by buildings.

Modern architecture is focusing on new solutions to energy-efficient buildings. Nowadays, it is possible to harvest solar energy by building integrated photovoltaics. Furthermore, heat exchange systems by use of smart windows are used to actively control the climate conditions in the buildings. Such technologies require high demands on the glass structures which can be achieved by new material combinations.

New approaches from recent developments of Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH and it´s scientific partners offer the possibility to match these requirements. The presentation will focus on the effect of the crosslinking of polymeric laminating films on the performance of laminated glass structures.

Mechanical and safety properties under hard climate conditions, compatibility of the laminating films to chemicals as well as life-time stability of the glass structures and the final products will be discussed. Furthermore, some new glass structures for the achievement of the requirements will be introduced.