Probabilistic Study of Wind-Temperature Interaction: An Initial Study Towards Optimized Structural Assessment of Glass Components

The structural assessment of building components is generally performed by ensuring that performance capacities are greater than capacity demands. In glass applications, the structural performance of a glass component is compared with the action and the loads acting on the element. On the resistance side, the mechanical response of a glass component is strongly dependent on its temperature. The latter is computed as a function of several parameters such as the environmental boundary conditions and its physical characteristics. On the action side, the wind pressure is characterized by a stochastic behaviour randomly distributed over the component’s design life. Limited information are available on the correlation between the wind action and the environmental boundary condition.

This work presents a first preliminary study on the stochastic interaction between wind speed and the aforementioned environmental boundary conditions, performed by means of probabilistic approaches. The results show that the probabilistic interaction of different parameters play an important role in the performance assessment of structural components in glass applications. These preliminary results also highlight that further detailed research should be performed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the structural assessment and design of glass components.