Patented Moiré Optical Distortion Measurement Supports Evolution of Automotive Glass

The production requirements for automotive glazing have increased in complexity in recent years. Along with safety, now functional and aesthetic aspects have become the main focus for car manufacturers. Among these are flawless reflective abilities, which contribute to quality impression, safe driving, which requires a clear, undistorted view, and technological upgrades, like well-functioning head-up displays. The continued pursuit for the highest level of quality requires glass producers to maintain control of the optical abilities of their products.

The presented technology is an integrated, robust and highly accurate online Moiré based system, achieving reliable optical distortion measurement throughout the entire production process, regardless of thickness or glass color. On top of its proven defect detection capability, the inspection system provides results in Diopter and Zebra values, enabling improved quality grading and allowing for a comprehensive process analysis. The detection of cords, reams, zip lines, as well as monitoring the batch’s homogeneity by observing its optical power variation, allows for the optimization of the hotend process. Early recognition of draw lines supports monitoring the correct top-roller adjustment at the tin bath. Overall, manufactures ensure the best processes and delivery of defect-free float glass with certified optical quality.