Non-Contact Glass Temperature Measurement? The Correct Adaptation of IR Thermometers and Cameras to Different Applications

During the whole process of glass production and further treatment the temperature is one of the most important values to be measured, either directly for production control or for documentation or both of them.

For precise measurement the behavior of glass regarding IR-radiation must be known. There are influences from the ambient area as well as specific emissivity values of different glass types. Therefore, the right type of sensor or camera has to be chosen. The installation of the measurement equipment must be done properly to its location and under consideration of influences from outside. Parameters like distance and viewing angle need to be observed.

Next to the optical characteristics the environmental influences like ambient temperature are important for a reliable and exact long-term measurement. The presentation will explain the theory of spectral dependency to reflection of glass.

The presenter will show and demonstrate different measurement results by using different devices. Furthermore, he will show examples of proven and successful running systems in different glass applications.