Nickel Sulphide will it ever go away

Spontaneous failure of glass units to Nickle Sulphide inclusions have been studied tested since the early 1960’s. People have been injured and property and reputations damaged.

The glass industry has responded and the work of many dedicated people have led to a general satisfaction within the industry and general population that the issue of Spontaneous failure is under control and no long presents a public risk. Recent experience has indicated a significant increase in the reported number of spontaneous failure due to nickel sulphide and other spontaneous failures exhibiting traits consistent with NiS.

These concerns are not only due to new glass but also legacy buildings that continue to shed glass. The later, challenges current wisdom that the problem subsides as the original population decreases. We have strong evidence this is not the case.

Whatever the cause, new or old, current risk management is not working and building owners, insurers and contractors are being forced to find alternate management methods to control the risks of falling glass. We look at the causes of these new and ongoing glass failures due to inclusion. We have outlined methods for preparing risk assessments & modelling assessing the post failure behaviour of the glass.