New Glass Dimensions: Large Glass Panes and Their Challenges in Façade Applications

Available glass panes are getting bigger and bigger. About 14 x 3 m is not unusual anymore. However, the glazing details don’t change in general. The dimensions of glazing rebate and gaskets stay the same. Therefore the spot where a glass pane needs to be installed gets awful tight. To compensate the thermal expansions of such big panes in the joints is also a challenging task. But not only are these details changing. Furthermore the complete handling process has to be adapted. Normal suction cups and hoisting devices often don’t do the trick anymore. Special devices need to be designed in order to install the glass panes precisely and safely. Gartner has to develop some manipulators in order to handle this kind of products efficiently. This special equipment has to be tested and optimized for its specific task and it is presented in this paper.