Infrared Temperature Measurement in The Glass Industry

Temperature measurement at critical locations in the production process is essential for full understanding and efficient control of glass manufacture and processing. Blanket (or melt line) temperature, crown and wall temperatures of a glass tank are all monitored to prevent refractory overheating and damage to the furnace.

Process monitoring inside glass melt tanks traditionally utilized visual camera technology and manual inspections.

Standard visual cameras show changing conditions, but image intensity is not directly proportional to temperature.

Process optimisation based on visual information leads to overheating or inefficient combustion. Manual inspections are slow, labour intensive and expose operators to significant risk. Data trending is difficult as operators measure temperature at slightly different points.

The AMETEK LAND NIR Borescope provides a true-temperature radiometric image, so live temperature values can be obtained from >324,000 pixels. The flame is clearly visible, as are any air leaks and glass leaks. The operator can monitor all positions from the safety of the control room, with a simulation of a traditional camera view and automated alarm outputs to instantly warn of any problems with the process/instrument. The instrument provides continuous coverage 24/7, allowing long term data trending for product quality and fuel optimisation.